Brameda is looking for a Back- Frontend Developer who is aiming to change the world of B2B wholesalers.

What you tell your friends you do
“I build webshops. And no – I will not fix your computer.”

What you will really be doing
– Coming up with new functionalities and building them.
– Improving the user experience for customers and employees who are using our system
– Improving the performance of the system

What a day in the office might look like.
The morning starts with a nice cup of tea or coffee before starting the day. You’re working on a project for the frontend of a webshop, it is your task to improve the user experience on the product search page. The RESTfull search API returns all kind of data, in the meta data you see some facet filters. “That looks interesting. If I could design a page were we can use these facet search filters customers can narrow their search result by clicking on the filters.” You look up the template and start to change some HTML/CSS. Then the phone rings, it’s the warehouse, they want to fulfil an order from a partner but are getting errors. The backlog of orders is piling up and they cannot ship the orders. It’s your job to investigate why the code stopped working. Did we change some code? Did the partner change something? After some investigation you find the bug, changed the code and run the unittest to see if everything still works. Great everything works!! Now push the code to GitHub, after a deployment you can call the warehouse they can restart the shipping. Let’s see, where were we with de frontend design. Oh!! Right on time for the presentation on Friday, I wonder what my colleagues think of the new design !

What we can offer
– A neat working place and a fast workstation (2 Screens, SSD, 4GD RAM)
– Money
– Refund of travel expenses
– 25 days of paid leave
– Collective health insurance

You will be working in a small team. Actually, you’re are the first to extend our IT-Team, so now you’re with two. Don’t worry, there are five other colleagues in the office you can talk to.

Required experience & skills.
* You can work with Git and GitHub to manage the code base.

* Frontend skills:
– You can write HTML5 / CSS3 as if it were you second language
– You can develop an interactive UI with Jquery, AngularJS or another framework
– PHP and WordPress are no strangers to you


* Backend skills:
– You can develop in Python / Django
– You understand and can design a RESTfull API
– You can write UnitTest to ensure the working of your code
– You worked with the following packages: PostgreSQL, Solr, Nginx

So what is next:
If you’re the amazing Front-end Developer with the right skills and attitude, and want to apply for this position! Please write us a letter telling us who you are and why you want to work with us. We would like to know you better so please write down all your skill and maybe sent some code from a little project you build. You can sent all information to vacature@brameda.com

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